Mama love.

May 14, 2012

Dear Mama, 

You have taught me three things that I will never forget...

-to love others-
I can't really remember a time that you spoke badly about someone else
( gossip has just never been your thing).

-to always keep trying-
(even though the road may be really hard)

-& to laugh at yourself-

There is more of course, but these are the things that I cherish the most.

Thank you, Mom...for all that you did do and continue doing.


-your daughter


Oooo & I feel that I MUST inform you that this could very well be the week that my new blog design goes live (!!!)
*little design happy dance*
I am very excited to share it with all of you and to give you an even better experience each time you visit here!
(again, the lovely & amazing designer is Bobbi)

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  1. What a beautiful post to your mom! You guys are all gorgeous! Happy mom day friend!

  2. Amazing and touching, Camille. Your mother and you sound and look so much alike...beautiful and strong and full of life.
    Wishing you a wonderful day.


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