meet Hush Puppies shoes. Yes, I said Hush Puppies.

May 29, 2012

When I was asked to share the Hush Puppies shoe line with you, my instant thought was...
Hush Puppies? Aren't those shoes for old people?
(no offense, old folk. you're cool)
I was hesitant to even check them out.
Let me tell you, lovies. I have been pleasantly surprised.

The older generation has been known to slip on a pair of Hush Puppies, but now a much younger crowd will be happy to as well.
Well, take a look at their new line, HP1985 which has comfy retro styles.
They can please both the young and old!

Below is more in depth information on the brand, but I want to let the pictures do most of the talking first.

You'll find even more lovelies at
Hush Puppies.


Brand Power: What’s in a Name?

The power of a name is often something genuinely unique. It can create unbreakable connections in our minds so that every time we hear it, we automatically think of certain things. For example, if someone says Marilyn Monroe to you, you instantly think of her standing on top of that air vent with her skirt fluttering up above her waist. Alternatively, you might think of her birthday tribute to JFK. Either way, there are certain images which are indelibly linked to Marilyn’s name.

Creating the Link

It doesn’t just work with people, it works with brands as well. Companies spend billions of pounds each year on advertising, trying to establish these links in the minds of potential customers. They employ countless PR and marketing specialists to try and create a lasting impression in the minds of consumers. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s all about psychology and understanding the human condition. It’s a skill that is very difficult to master. Which explains why those who are good at it earn so much money.

The Quality Effect

There is another way to create a link between the name of your product and the perception within the minds of consumers, and that’s to establish a reputation for quality. This is not the quick fix represented by advertising – this path requires a little more time and effort. To establish your brand as memorable and well-known takes years and sometimes decades of quality production. It’s not an easy road to follow and it is one that is fraught with danger. Even after years of demonstrating quality, one slip-up or dodgy product can destroy a proud reputation. Mud sticks, as they say. So, it’s a line that has to be walked carefully.

Those who get it right on a permanent basis can really cement their place as a field leader. Look at Hush Puppies boots, for example. They have been producing top of the range footwear since the 1950s. It’s a name that instantly conjures up images of solid, sturdy and comfortable footwear, with a range of classic and desirable styles. You can’t buy that kind of association, no matter how hard some might try.

The link that exists between a name and your mental image of it is a strong and powerful one and has to be built on some kind of truth. So, if you’re looking for a new pair of boots, you know what to do! It’s all in the name!


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  1. ahh, i want a pair of hush puppies. :) the red ones are especially cute!
    thank you for sharing, camille!
    i hope you and moo are having a sweet day. <3

  2. Those are so cute! Wish I wasn't so short and could wear flats more.

  3. I actually really love Hush Puppies! Yes, I originally stole my pair from my mom but I'm never giving them back.

    I wear them to work, and I love that they're doing a retro loafer. Very cute!

  4. Totally cool... im deff going to get my wife some of these!

  5. I love when old-fashioned labels/styles come back in - these shoes, flats, pencil skirts and cropped Audrey-Hepburn pants... Because you feel even more justified in parting w your hard-earned money in this bad economy. I think you feel like its proven to be a classic, so you'll never be taking it to Goodwill before its been worn completely out!

    I love this post, Camille! I really appreciate your eye and instinctive understanding of marketing/advertising :) it is enlightening to me, since I'm usually pretty oblivious w that stuff! :)


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