I love a pair of JRs.

Jun 8, 2012

the outfit:

1. minty green necklace (made by me)
2. target green cardigan (on sale for $10)
3. target skinny belt 
4. animal print romper (e-bay steal)
5. Rampage striped bag
6. *Jack Rogers Navajo sandal* (giveaway win!)
ps. this is my hair unwashed for two days- we just moved. That's my excuse.

I am in love with my new JRs. They came in the mail yesterday and my day was made.
If you own a pair, you understand.
They are incredibly versatile, comfortable and sturdy. 
There is no doubt in my mind that this will be my go-to shoe this Summer (Fall & next Spring).


(pay attention!;)

I feel that a lot of outfit blog posts make me feel like I "NEED" to go out and buy a lot of stuff in order to put together a chic outfit.
I know it's not true and a lot of bloggers use what they have or find good deals, etc.
I'd like to curb those materialistic feelings and attempt to shop for gems at our local Goodwill or find cri-zazy sales from here on out.

I believe it is very possible to be fashionable & thrifty.
I plan on proving that in my new
Thrifty Threads 
outfit posts.

I hope that they can serve as inspiration to you.



You may have missed it:

Happy weekend, lovies!

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  1. Great series idea! That would be so helpful for me, and I know there are a lot of mammas in the same boat!

  2. i am guilty of always wanting to buy something new to make a cute outfit, so i'm excited to see your thrifty threads series! love the romper, so cute.

  3. Love everything about this outfit!

  4. I love your purse and how the cardi brings everything together. Can't see what you find in goodwill!
    I scored am awesome purse yesterday. :)

  5. the cardi/necklace - greattttt color on you!

  6. Love the green color! Lovely Camille :)

  7. amazing ensemble, beautiful lady!
    congrats on the sweet giveaway, the sandas are super cute!
    and i love your handmade necklace...it's so pretty!!

    hope you and your loves had a wonderful weekend <3


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