the MOD mamas of 2012: meet Kallah

Jun 4, 2012

These are mamas with true style.

Having a baby doesn't mean you have to stop looking and feeling your best.
These ladies are managing to still rock it with baby(s) in arm or following at the heels.
These posts are for your fashion inspiration.
Every mama needs to feel fabulous!

the outfit
ShadesMarc by Marc Jacobs (a steal from Nordstrom Rack)
Skirt: J.Crew
WedgesBanana Republic

Hello ladies! First of all - I'm tickled to death to join the ranks of all y'all Mod Mamas. 
I adore Camille's entire blog - but esp this series! :) She always seems to find the most beautiful, inspiring ladies. 

About me : I consider myself so blessed to be a SAHM with my little Will. 
I enjoy every aspect of homemaking... painting, cooking whole foods (I like to try to make everything 
on our menu from scratch), reading to my baby, taking him to the playground in our neighborhood, gardening... heck, even scrubbing the toilets gives me an odd satisfaction!
I am learning daily how to balance being an attentive wife and mother with being a happy and independent woman. 
My husband-slash-best-friend just started an MBA program, so I am currently trying to be as self-sufficient as possible since he's away so much more.
Running is the best way I have found so far to have "me" time while keeping Will close (thanks to an incredible jogging stroller)! Much better for my little budget than "window" shopping at J.Crew and Anthro. :)
I love living in Charlotte cause its such a big city compared to little Greenville SC where I grew up. I adore all the cute restaurants, shops and boutiques (most esp the one Camille was so lucky to just recently get a job at! AMAZING resale boutique!)

My blog, Being Open to Life, is currently under construction, so don't be deterred by the bleak view (lol). I am super excited to see what my awesome graphic designer Bobbi [who just re-did Camille's blog with -obviously- incredible results!] comes up with. 

I welcome comments and feedback with my writing, and I just love meeting so many incredible people on the blogosphere. Introduce yourself please! 




I like that this mama keeps it classic, but throws in a little boho style.
Not only that, but she is my good, good friend here in Charlotte.
I don't know what I would do without her.
That said, I could go on and on but I won't for your sake.

Oh! I will say this though...
Her writing skillage is off the hook.
Reading her blog is like eating a cupcake.

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  1. Thanks Camille! I feel so honored. :)
    Back at you, GGFC
    [Good Good Friend in Charlotte]


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