the LOVE story: oh, hello long distance

Jun 18, 2012

I think that it is time for yet another LOVE story installment.
(You're so excited. I am not)
I am sitting here wondering how to write this one out.
As in every relationship, there can be many bumps along the road.

One big bump we met with was Matt having to leave our university after our very first semester.

If you know long distance, you know the challenges.
There are many.

I believe its time to tell you that I was not perfect (hard to believe. I know).
I was very conflicted on what I thought I wanted from life, what I wanted to do & who I wanted to be.
The only way I knew how to deal with problems was to run. 
I was a bit of a jumbled mess.

Now throw that in the mix with a long distance relationship and you get...a lot. of. hardship.

This brings us to our first break-up. 
Yes, I did say first.

Matt had a way of getting me back though
...& quickly!
I think this break-up lasted approximately 1.5 seconds.

Hmm. This is super hard to unravel all of this.
I think I will stop here and give you a moment to digest, because it gets much more interesting.

I love this man. So much.

Happy Monday, lovies!

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  1. Hey! I took that picture of you guys! :) Love you! Miss you!

  2. Hey! I took that picture of you guys! :) Love you! Miss you!

  3. I think what I love most about y'alls story is how, from the very first moment, Matt knew all he wanted was you. And he did not let go of that! So beautiful!

  4. Such a cute picture! Ahh, don't be too hard on yourself. :)
    Looking forward to the next post!
    Hope you're doing well and settling in nicely in your sweet home!


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