DIY & Design: letterman's sweater

Jul 11, 2012

Trend alert: 
 letterman's jackets
(sweaters, t-shirts etc)

They are creeping up all over Pinterest.

Because I am so cool and on top of the trends (right) ....

I bring you a simple letterman's sweater DIY tutorial.

* please excuse the ending product pics. Moo was incessantly shouting "Upppp, Upppp, UP" (her fave word) while pulling on my leg. Love herrrrrrrrrr ;).

the supplies

sweater (found at Goodwill)
felt (white + another color)
needle + thread

the steps:

1. cut out felt letters
(I free-handed mine- bad idea- try using a ruler and pencil the letter outline onto the felt before cutting)
2. (or #3? woops) pin + then sew the letters onto the sweater (w/ matching thread)

& you are done, my friend. 

After seeing these loverly self-portraits of myself I think it is time to go drink mugs full of coffee, slap on some make-up and take a long 5 hr nap.
(minus the last one b/c that's impossible- "Uppp UPP upppppppp" ;)

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  1. Camille, this turned out so cute! Love your blog, so inspiring.

  2. Love it! Why did you choose a D?! Maybe I am missing something here, haha ;)

  3. That is super cute! It'll be perfect for the fall & back to school time!


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