the mod mamas of 2012: meet Grace

Jul 9, 2012

These are mamas with true style.

Having a baby doesn't mean you have to stop looking and feeling your best.
These ladies are managing to still rock it with baby(s) in arm or following at the heels.
These posts are for your fashion inspiration.
Every mama needs to feel fabulous!

mama bio:

I am the wife of a high school teacher and the mother of two amazing and extremely energetic boys, Isaiah (2) and Noah (11 months). I love my family and being a stay at home momma. My hubby works hard, so I can be there for our boys all the time. I am currently working on starting a jewelry look for me on Etsy later this summer! We reside on Long Island, which I find to be slightly warm for my upstate NY blood, so I try to beat the heat with light airy outfits like this one. Being pregnant back to back with the boys I did not really get to do my normal fashion for almost two years, so I am ecstatic to be back in the fashion that I love. Thanks Camille for having the inspiration and drive to have your amazing blog!

the outfit

Blouse (backwards) // Gap
Bracelet // Cultured pearl chain 
Coral Chino Shorts // Banana Republic
Skinny Belt // Banana Republic
Floral Eyelet Flats // Steve Madden


So chic, mama Grace.
Such classic style!
I know this lady from wayyy back in the college days (household sisters of the Little Flower, actually:).
I was always so impressed by her effortless style and wished that I knew how to dress so well
...I was just too shy to tell her.
She reminds me of a modern day Audrey Hepburn.
So cheers, mama. Keep on keepin' on!

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  1. LOVE LOVE this post! Thanks so much for stopping by the Queen City Style, so I could find you. Yay for a fellow Queen City Blogger! Now following!!

  2. Grace taught me how to dress in college and she still is my best critic and supporter today! She has one lucky husband!


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