the mod man: in the kitchen

Jul 2, 2012

Thank God my husband, the mod man, loves to cook.
He cooks dinner a lot.
More often than me. 

I love it.

I'd like to start sharing his super fly kitchen skills with you.

So...he came up with this recipe for a clean, fresh and healthy meal replacement drink.
He wanted something that would help him slim down and it has!- at least 5  lbs in the last month.

the mod man: in the kitchen

the recipe:

1/2 cup spinach
1/2 stick of celery
1 red apple
5-8 baby carrots
1/4 of a cucumber
1 thing of yogurt- whatever flavor you want (currently using strawberry banana)
-add water for smooth consistency-

the mod man q&a : 

1. In a word, describe the drink: Fresh

2. Actually, what is your creation called?: Matt's Swamp Juice
(sounds yum)

3.  How does the drink make you feel? Makes me feel good, alert and clean. Makes me feel good on the inside parts.

4. & how do you feel about your wifey being a blogger?: It's her escape from the daily grind. As much as I complain about taking 2.6 million pictures every week to get those perfect shots for her page, I am very proud of all that she has accomplished. She's doing what most people wish they could do; she has taken a passion, something she loves to do and has turned it into something that many people enjoy every single day... AND... she even makes a little money doing it. Aside from other bloggers, I'm not sure if everyone understands the amount of time and commitment that goes into each one of her posts- constant research, writing down ideas... countless... and let me stress that... COUNTLESS photos:)... all for something that is looked over and read in about 2-5 minutes. Even though all of that goes into it, to her... it's not work... it is absolutely a passion. To sum it all up, blogging makes my wife happy. If she's happy than I'm happy. Git it wife!

Love this guy :).

Want to see more of him & his recipes??

ps. yes, you did just got a sneak peak into our almost finished kitchen. Lucky, lucky you. ;)

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  1. Wish my hubby could cook! I'm jealous!

  2. Awww, you guys are cute!:) And I'm totally on a Spinach smoothie craze too! At the moment it's blueberries + banana + spinach! Yum!:) Can't wait to see more pics of the kitchen!

  3. I love this post! Your husband is so supportive it's a beautiful thing.


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