Thrifty Threads: let's be real

Jun 29, 2012

I have been in the midst of project: house to home {Kitchen} this entire week.
Outfit post?
Umm, yeh...but I wouldn't look to it for any kind of inspiration
(unless you like the boy/paint look).

the outfit:

 a mess of hair (w/ paint drips added for texture)
old college grad tee (oh yeh, I graduated)
husband's old gym shorts
canvas Vans (which I am now regretting having painted in)

& that's as thrifty as you'll ever get!

This kitchen better be done today or I may have to go into solitary confinement for a month.



You may have missed it:


Have a loverly weekend, lovies.

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  1. haha! so real, so true. happy painting :)

  2. yay! can't wait to see your better write about it asap!!!! :)

  3. & you still look gorgeous with anything you wear!

  4. You still look stylish in your paint clothes. I wouldn't say the same of my paint outfit...made with old dress up clothes. clown pants anyone? haha


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