Oh, London Town.

Jul 23, 2012

With the Olympic games being held in London this year, I feel it is my duty & pleasure to share all things British this week. 

Yeh, be excited.

Not to sound like a broken record, but remember...I am a half Brit.
My dad is a whole Brit (lives in England actually).
OoOOoo. Yes, he has the accent.

So...here's a little picture tour of London from one of my trips over the pond.

Something about that place pulls at my heart strings.
Yes...even with the clouds & rain (and even more rain).
It must be in my blood.
I always feel at home there.

I suppose that means I should watch the 2012 Olympics in London (starting this Friday!).
You as well?

Tune in for more British goodness this entire week.

Pip pip Cheerio!

No, Camille.

ps. & thank you so very much, Spunkyrella for the One Amazing Chic Award! I blush.

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  1. I had the pleasure of visiting London about 14 years ago. It was a wonderful trip that I'll never forget! Looking forward to more of "brit" week with Camille :)

  2. these photos are stunning and so are you! you and the mister look so happy - love it!
    and your dad is cute! (not to sound all creeper. haha!)
    thank you for sharing beautiful memories!


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