project: house to Home - a tour of my favorite little spots

Jul 30, 2012

These are all of my favorite little spots around the house.
All of our projects are taking some time
  (small budget + little baby slash toddler that requires constant entertainment, yada yada).
I would love to have everything magically completed. 
If we would only win that lottery we never play for.

That being said, I have been able to take real delight in the little spaces that I already love.
It helps to keep me from going in sane over all of the projects that are being left undone at the moment. 

Yes, I do plan on revealing the kitchen very soon.
That is the one project that is very near completion!
I just need to finish up a couple little details &...
you will finally see our cottage kitchen.

See more on our project: house to home here.

Hope you have a lovely Monday, lovies.

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  1. Love all your darling little spots! I have to decorate in little spurts as well (darn that small budget!), but I think it's fun to always be on the hunt for a new "treasure"!

    Can't wait to see the kitchen!

  2. Lovely home ! Love the jewelry display !

  3. Wow! You seem to have a lovely collection of jewelry! xoxoxo

  4. Oh I love how every photo looks vintage!


  5. Your house looks super nice. I love the view of the garden! x

  6. What a cute blog post idea. Thanks for sharing.

  7. love it all, camille! your bedroom is beautiful. love the color in there too.
    that's a wonderful cookbook holder!
    happy august!!

  8. I love the parts of a home that make it yours!


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