DIY & design: Bib necklace from old Embellished top

Aug 1, 2012

Bib necklaces are lovely statement pieces, but they can be pricey. do you get around that? Recycle an old top.
I found a sad top with tiny holes all over it in my closet. It did have a lovely ruffle embellishment though.
Bib necklace here we come!

the supplies:

old embellished top (a lace embellishment would work as well!)
little brads

*found the last two at Hobby Lobby*

the steps

1) cut-out the embellishment
2) make little slits one each of the top pieces
3) slip ribbon through slits and knot
4) make tiny slits wherever you like and slip the brads in 
(you can secure with a tiny dollop of glue)

& that's that, my dears.
It is a lovely piece you can add to an outfit when you feel like making a statement.
No one will know it was an old top!
(unless you tell them, of course ;)

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