hometown visit: brother in the road

Aug 13, 2012

& I made it to my hometown, with Moo...all by myself.
We made it with out all of my sanity being thrown out of the window of my a/c-less VW. 
Well, at least not all of it.

Anyways, something about being back in this area & my fam inspires me to break out my Canon.

I got my brother to stand in our street & pose like a cool person
(b/c that's what people with profesh cameras do).

B-t-dubs, he just got back from an incredibly long journey on foot from CA to DC.
He was leading a Crossroad's group.
See more on it here.

Incredibly proud of him for sacrificing so much and standing for what he believes in.
& that is why he was my oh-so-lucky model today.
Meet more of the fam, see my hometown, etc...all this week and next!

You can also follow along with our #hometownvisit via @lifeinmod on Instagram! :)

ps. thank you, always lovely Anna of IHOD for showing off one of the pieces from my new little shop, le Pompon!  She styled it perfectly.

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