Sway Chic. contrast blazer + 1st ever profesh blog shoot

Aug 10, 2012

the outfit

trend alert: contrast black and white blazer//sway chic.//$39.50
orange & blue tassel necklace//my shop, lepompon//$10
Orange sleeveless button top//Target//$19.99
navy blue satiny, pleated shorts//Marshalls//$9.99
black kitten heel//Target//(oldie)$14.99
hot mess hair//courtesy of humidity

The contrast blazer from sway chic. is my new friend. Just putting it on makes an outfit.
Very Euro. Very in.
It has been seen on the likes of  Olivia Polermo & Alexa Chung.
Get one. If you like...you should.


 You may have noticed that this was not shot in my beloved backyard. 
I am now collaborating with a lovely photographer who has agreed to traipse around Charlotte shooting pics of moi. 
My hope is that it will further inspire you when it comes to styling & dressing 
(or at least on how to maintain terribly serious expressions everywhere you go. Working on that one).
As a bonus, you will get a look at how beautiful and charming it is here in North Carolina.
I am absolutely thrilled. woop-woop!

Thank you, thank you Alyson.
You can find her photography website here.


You may have missed it: 


the Moo & I are headed back to Maryland, my hometown, this weekend for two whole weeks!
I am driving solo with her ... ... ...
It is questionable if I will ever regain my sanity.
: D

On that note, you can follow along with all of the craziness by following me on instagram-y.

It promises to entertain thee.

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  1. Ahh so gorgeous! That last one is just BEAUTIFUL.

  2. great photos! love the blazer.


  3. Amazing Camille! You look stellar. The last one is my fave. Beautiful pics and can't wait to see more!

  4. Camille you look beautiful! Loving your gorgeous photos! And I'm taking your advice and checking out that blazer! :)

  5. Love the blazer, and you have fantastic photos!

  6. That´s a lovely look on you Camille! Not sure if I´ll ever get over the Twiggy shots, but just sayin´:)


  7. Amazing look, dear~ Love the colors and details that look good on you~!)
    I saw your blog link at IFB forum and found a lot of inspiring outfits and posts here in your nice blog~!,
    and I thought that it would be great to have so amazing girl among my followers and be your follower also~!
    Just join yours~!
    waiting for you in mine - hope we will be friends :)
    Nice blogging~!


  8. Killer style! Love it!!! Dropping by from Bloggy Moms. :-)

  9. love love LOVE this outfit!!

    Francesca xo


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