that time I had awful hair for a blog shoot.

Aug 31, 2012

the outfit
under-tank//Old Navy//$10
over-sized slouchy top//J.Crew//$12 (sale of course!)
black jeggings//Marshalls//$14.99
combat boots//Steve Madden//$49.99 (oldie)
link chain bracelet//Banana Republic//oldie


Ok, my hair is awful
Something must be done...
& soon before I go crazy on my hair and chop it all off!
That would cause my husband to weep express his deep disappointment
  (he has been waiting so long for me to grow out my locks).

A little back story on this shoot:
It was hot, it was humid, I was thirsty...this was the last outfit. I was thirsty.
I thought about "fixing" it, but realized there isn't much you can do with heat, humidity and...the ominous darkness that is my roots.

Any ideas?
 I can't afford a color and I do not want to trim it just yet.
First world problems.

My shoes do rock though.


You may have missed it:

Happy weekend, lovies!

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  1. you still look gorgeous! just keep growing it, i know how frustrating it can get!

  2. Ditto modern's comment! Maybe Matilda has a great post about growing out short cuts.
    ...amazed how you can have the peace of mind to make a good shot though, when you *think* your hair looks bad! I always just feel uncomfortable!

  3. I might be biased but I love your hair short! But I can empathize with your efforts to grow it out - and with pesky roots, haha :) Your boots do rock though!

  4. you look really unreal here, so unique and a little bit cosmic! love this shot!


  5. I personally think you look great in these pics. Definitely rockin' boots!

    For some reason your posts don't come up on my roll anymore :( I'll be checking in periodically, don't want to keep missing your posts!


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