printed + awkward.

Oct 8, 2012

{my outfit} headband: f21//locket: pressie from dad//aviary printed shirtdress: eshakti*//bracelet: antique pearl necklace//blue pumps: steve madden
{the babe's} printed top: Target//dark denim jeggings: Target//shoes: Keds

I'm awkward when it comes to blog shoots in public when there are a lot of random people around. 
I look for areas where strangers are minimal. "Quick! Let's run over there and shoot really quick before people come"...that's me...instructing my husband/photog ;). 
I try to pass it off as a family photo opp...even though I am usually the only one posing in front of the camera...haha.
Does anyone else feel at least slightly self conscious when blog shooting in public?
Do share. 

ps. it is just now getting chilly enough for layers here in NC, hence the lack of fun, fall-ish outfits. Soon, soon..I shall be fully layered.  


*The bird print dress is from eshakti, my latest online boutique find.
They made the dress using my exact measurements and style specifications (desired length, etc).
I know, so cool.

The dress fits me like a glove, lovies.

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  1. Oh its definately an awkward experience. Its funny-in NY I could have cared less. In my own city-always a little more cautious.
    You look stunning! x

  2. That dress is awesome - love that color on you and the fact that it is made to fit your measurements! Moo is stylin' too!
    I bet people think you are a model! :)

  3. A custom made dress? So cool. I love the color and that you paired it with the blue shoes, so very cool.

  4. Oh my gosh so true! I always feel super awkward! And I look even more sketch when Im like quick get the picture running around everywhere haha :) baby girl and outfit are adorable!

  5. Oh I am so the same way! I feel so awkward! LOL



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