a Simple yet Classic Fall centerpiece

Oct 9, 2012

I never go overboard when it comes to Fall decor (Christmas is my thing), but a festive wreath and dining room table centerpiece are always a must. 

Simple and classic is what I aim for when decorating...and if I can DIY it...awesome.

I was at Goodwill the other day searching for some odds and ends to use for Fall decor 
(and chasing after Moo who does not hold hands ever. No way. Mom's embarrassing already), when I came across   brass candlesticks + saucers.

I knew what to do.

 the supplies:
3 candle sticks (graduating heights)Goodwill
2 small plates, saucers or even small bowls- Goodwill 
1 taper candle stick
industrial strength glue 

1. apply the glue around the tops of 2 of the candlesticks
2. place a plate on each, center, press down, & let to dry for 15-20 min
3. affix candle into remaining candlestick, place pumpkins onto plates and arrange it all as you prefer on your table

It is simple to add Fall festivity to your table & home.
You can find inspiration at your local Goodwill!

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I am off to window shop at the mall with my dear friend and her babe.
...& restrain myself from purchasing the Cafe Capris I so badly want from J Crew.
You're awful, J.C. You do unfair things to my mind.

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  1. so so cute!! great job.


  2. I LOVE this idea! I've gotta get my butt over to Goodwill. My friend just got me this awesome vase from there. Usually, I hope to find cute tops and accessories and forget to look in the other areas!
    Beautiful centerpiece!

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  4. Oh my gosh, those bright red cafe pants KILL ME! adorable post :)


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