holiday DIY: glitter jeweled envelope clutch

Nov 28, 2012

During one of my recent wanderings of Anthropologie without ever buying anything (ever), I came across this little lovely...
So holiday. So charming. So perfect as a Christmas gift.
So expensive for just a tiny 4x7 clutch.
*My DIY brain immediately began to churn*
I have to make one. I MUST! Where's the closest Hobby Lobby?!
That's how a DIYed brain sounds like, fyi.

the supplies:

modge podge
clear acrylic coating
jewel bead (if you want to add)
*blue tape, paint brush, bowl and needle + thread or glue*
-all found at Hobby Lobby-

cost: $17 or less
(less if you break it down into how much you use for just 1 or if you already have some of the supplies;)



1. tape over any area you do not want glitter-fied
2. mix modge podge + glitter in bowl (1/3 modge podge to 2/3 glitter)
3. brush the glitter mix onto the area of your choosing 
(I had to apply a couple of coats to get it to where I wanted it-don't worry! It dries clear. ;)
4. after the glitter dries, spray on the clear acrylic coating and let dry for 24 hrs.
5. sew or glue on the jewel bead 

This LiM Holiday DIY version is larger, cheaper and less glittery...which I personally like, because everyone knows the glitter ends up everyyyyyywhere (which it is now all over our house).

>>watch this DIY in action<<
ps. like the gift wrap I put the clutch in? My crazy DIY brain conjured that up as well! I will be sharing the how-to tomorrow.

pps. glitter. everywhereeeee.


  1. So cute, Camille! I just might be trying this. :) Does the glitter shed?
    Looking forward to tomorrow's post!

  2. Hi beautiful!

    I think that this post is really interesting...and i love ur pictures! do u want to follow each other? I'm already following u!

    xx from

  3. I love this DIY project. I'm loving glitter clutches right now.

  4. Love love LOVEE this DIY! so creative. I'm working on some currently for my holiday diy posts, its so tough when youre busy! So bravo! Hope to see more soon! :)
    Konnor with a K

  5. I love this Camille! Glitter, glitter, glitter!


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