the sweetest video of the fashion show I worked...

Nov 16, 2012

It was super dee dooooper fun working backstage for the 'Pin Up Pin Down' fashion show - frantically dressing the models and just being plain modeling for me this time. Woo-hoo, I say!
I would choose to dress + style over modeling any day.
It was the best!

Check out the brains behind this show, Fashion Front Runner, and also the maker of this video, Poprock Photography.

Cheers to both!
I am looking forward to doing more w/ FFR in the near future :).


Hope you have an amazing weekend, lovies.
The hubs and I are going to see a movie tonight(!) and I could not be more excited about it.
You mean we get to leave the house together sans babe?
Watch out, Charlotte...


  1. That´s awesome! Love it!

    I am still so smitten with your new profile pic - it exudes sheer happiness!!


  2. I really liked the mixed media in it... Like how it went back and forth from stills to vid.. Chic

  3. hi! im fran, a spanish male fashion blogger. Maybe you like my style and want to follow me

    also my twitter: @showroomdegarde

  4. what an awesome experience...sounds like so much fun!!
    your new photo in the corner is gorgeous. <3


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