our Lazy 5 Ranch adventure.

Nov 15, 2012

this did happen.

This was just some of the adventure, b/c I start to hyperventilate when there are super-overloads of pics in my posts.
You can find more of this awesomeness on LiM's fbook page though!

If you live in or anywhere near NC, you should head to Lazy 5 Ranch.
I'm suuurious.
We spent the entire afternoon there and loved it.
It's worth every bit of the entry fee.
(which is $14.50/adult and $9.50/child, btw:)


  1. That looks right up my alley! Wish I still lived in NC :(

  2. I love God's creatures. They're cool and all but really once you see them up close and personal, it takes your breath away.

    Honestly everytime I see Shamu at Sea World I choke up. It's amazing.


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