Toddlers can be fun...

Nov 8, 2012

We were at the mall.
Moo had my her 'boom boom', catching up on the latest  with Curious know, giving me a sane and tantrum-free walk through J Crew.
Tricks of the trade, my friends.
as I so happily perused through the Cafe Capri sale rack,
I saw in the corner of my eye...
Moo holding the 'boom boom' over her head, ready to launch it...
and she did. Smack down on it's face.
Now, this is a usual occurrence and I usually do the whole, "don't throw my phone, Moo. That's not nice" as I pick it up thing. 
Well, this time I turned the 'boom boom' over mid-sentence and...uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.
see above.

Mall trip ruined.
Now this wouldn't be so upsetting if our budget would allow for a quick fix, but it does I instantly knew that I'd just have to go on living with a cracked up phone. Awful. I know. First world problems.
Thankfully, my good mama friend was with us and understood right away that I needed to leave....right away. Before I lost it.
Awesome friend.
We trotted right out of there and made it back to the car before I started wheeping.

I know that I can't really blow up on my toddler, but I so badly want to at times. 
There have been times that I snapped a bit and then instantly feel like a crummy mummy.
Come in other parentals. You understand, eh?
Have you ever had those times when you want to lose it on your little google-eyed, totally half oblivious toddler that just managed to ruin your day/week/month...but you just can't?
Dooo share.
So I feel better about myself  ;).


I am still managing to use the 'boom boom'.
I kind of feel like a crack addict.
Ha. ha. 
Get it?...b/c it's all cracked?


  1. So frustrating, Camille!!! My story is in a slightly different vein - my 19 month old busted through a baby gate and landed (gate and all) on top of my 5 DAY OLD infant! Full body x-rays and hours later we found out she had a broken femur!

  2. Oh yikes! Taking kids to the mall is the worst, except if it's all about them, trying to do anything for yourself is not allowed. I just bypassed the whole cell phone thing, but now my kids are older and really want me to get one, there's just other things I want to spend money on.

  3. :( there are lots of little companies doing screen fixes now, so you might not have to pay big bucks at the apple store. and this case is pricey but pays for itself: i found my phone face down in the bathtub one day, and it survived!

  4. you are hilarious. crack addict.

    hey can i be annoying and ask you to try to reply to this comment via email?

    googlePlus messed up my email/comment connection thing and I keep thinking i fixed it but am not entirely sure!


  5. Ohh, I am so so sorry!! My friend's daughter has cracked two of her phones in the past and I know she felt the same. I would pout and stomp. Don't feel guilty. I shamelessly admit, I am attached to my phone. Hope you get a new one for Christmas. :)

  6. This is my life. all the time. I wish I was one of those moms who think all their kids do is soo cute, but no, it's annoying! Anyways, there is a reason God made little ones so darn cute, so we won't hurt them lol!

  7. Ohhhh yes. You are not alone! My 3.5 yr old is just insane sometimes....which in turn can make me feel insane.

  8. That's so crappy! I have some advice for you for the next phone you get: Otterbox! They are seriously toddler-proof, our tablets and phone all have them lol


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