holiday DIY: jewel-toned blingage

Dec 12, 2012

This blingin' ring & earring Holiday DIY is super simple
Anyone can do it.
Even your mum.

Let's not talk about how much they may look like ring pops. Shhhhh.

the supplies:

jewel-toned acrylic gems (sm. + lg.)
ring w/ tray
flat earring posts w/ clutch
craft glue

*found at Hobby Lobby*

the how-to:

1. dollop some glue onto the ring tray and earring posts
2. press an acrylic gem onto the top of the tray + do the same w/ the earring posts
3. let them dry

Now...think fun accessory for a holiday party or gift for a sister, cousin or friend.


I will be sharing the last & final Holiday DIY next week. Christmas is almost here? Wow.
If you're just now getting on board, catch up with all of them here.


ps. don't miss this!

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  1. These are so fun! LOVE the colors you chose! I thought of you and all of your amazing creations when I was in the craft store last night. These might be easy enough for even me not to mess up (I hope) lol!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this DYI! I will def have to try this

  3. great diy honey, i really love this kind of post!


  4. so cute and easy - I love those jewel colors!


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