3 NEW ways to style a Silk Scarf

Dec 13, 2012

I've had this large printed silk scarf for at least forever and have done nothing with it. 
I just haven't had any ideas on how-to or what to wear it with.  
Well, I tried a bit harder during nap time and came up with these 3 new & fresh scarf styling ideas for you...

just keeding.
1)wear as a feminine neck tie/bow with a button-up shirt
2) give a shapeless top a defined waist line by styling your scarf as a belt
...tie small knots in your scarf &...
3) wear your scarf as a necklace!
Yeh...those white spots behind me...not floating orbes.
We have been meaning to paint for the past 6 months... ;).

I am all 'how-to-ed' out.
Moo is taking one of her once a year marathon naps and I want to catch the tail end of it ;).


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1 comment:

  1. Well, so amazing!
    I don't really know that a scarf has so many useful ways like that.
    Thank you for sharing! I like all of them. They are very creative!


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