"I am NEVER driving a minivan" -me

Dec 10, 2012

"Oh... ... darn" -me

Yeh, it happened.
 I am now a minivan mama.
I won't lie, I teared up a bit as we drove out of the dealership, leaving my faithful VW Jetta behind. :(
I felt like part of me had died- the young, fun and free part. Haha! 
I guess this is what getting older is all about though.
Change...and minivans. 

This cream, white + gold ensemble was my way of revolting against "soccer mom" status.
I will be a stylin' swag wagon driver!

A couple more kids may change my tune.


There is going to be a stylin' LiM giveaway starting here tomorrow!
hint: the Hills 

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  1. you look way more stylin' than a typical minivan mom! love the boots!

  2. you manage to make a minivan look cool! ugh, I'm almost at three kids and I have to consider a bigger car. hmmm, maybe a minivan is not so bad?

  3. shut UP! i drive a VW jetta! my husband has been talking me into a minivan for EVS. i keep saying no. we'll see. ps. your minivan is pretty badass...it's black. boom.
    thanks for visiting my blog. i like you!

  4. Umm...hi. where have you been all my life? or at least, all of my blog worshiping life? so glad you swung by my page because HELLO it led me to yours. you, too, will be followed...in an uncreepy way. but gosh, I just love a mom who dares to wear white! too few and far between!!

  5. Congratulations on the new wheels! Love the cream and white on you - so pretty and festive! Have a relaxing night!

  6. Hahaha, I used to swear I would never use a buggy, not stylish enough in my opinion, especially on the Parisian street. I lasted 2 days!
    Is minivan the next test?


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