Bag me / DIY: hardware bag tassels

Jan 23, 2013

Whyyyyy is she doing a bag tassel?
Doesn't she know they are ev-er-y-where?
We don't need another tassel DIY. 
You guys, wait!...I put a little spin into this one.
I used hardware.
...b/c I'm so hardware like that.

what you will need:
suede chord / Hobby Lobby (I found 3 trendy Spring colors!)
3 large hex nuts / Lowes Hardware (.20 a piece!)
3 lanyard hooks
Tacky glue / Hobby Lobby

how-to DIY it: 
1. cut 7 pieces of chord- all the same length, aside from one (a bit longer)
2. tie the longer chord around the middle of the other 6 pieces
3. fold it over (I am awful at giving directions. lo siento.)
4. clip the lanyard hook onto the tied loop
5. slip the lanyard attached to the tassel through the hex nut
6. glue underneath the hex nut & let dry (don't worry, it dries clear!)

You've made one of those popular bag tassels, but one with a unique spin to it ;).

ps. the contest ends @ 4pm today. I would love your last min. votes!


  1. what a great idea! i love it.

  2. yeah I definitely had no idea what you were talking about when you tried to describe this to me... hahaha.

    But I think it looks awesome! And the hardware is cool.

  3. so fun!! love the colors you chose! you are ALWAYS making the sweetest pieces! <3<3<3


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