the Bumpy Basics

Jan 24, 2013

Hi, everyone! I'm here with my first real post
 on how I'm going to get away without needing that "Maternity" tag 
on all my clothes this pregnancy!
I think the key to the success of this plan lies 100% in covering the basics. 
A good foundation of quality basics will help ensure comfort and flexibility in your maternity wardrobe, giving you the confidence and freedom to experiment. 
As I said in my (long) post explaining my desire to blow off maternity clothes, 
I love a good sale... but most importantly, I love good quality. 
These basics are based on research of the best quality I can get... 
and if that quality is just too pricey,
 I then look for the cheapest brand that offers the exact style I'm looking for. 
Here's the first item and the pillar-stone of my non-maternity maternity closet:
1) the Bodystyler.
Made by Blanqi, this thing is a life-saver. Especially if you are like myself and have one of those awkward bods that for some reason do not cooperate with the Belly Band. They hold pants up, alleviate back pain and offer extra support for those enormous pre-breastfeeding appendages on the front of you (am I only speaking for myself?! they are out of control!) 
anddddd (most importantly) 
lengthen the look of a non-maternity top! 
I am planning on living in mine. 
2) a Tank top.
Gap Tanks are my fav anyway, maternity or not. 
They're soft, they last for a long time, and they've proven to be the perfect fit for me. 

3) Shorts.
Even in North Carolina, our summers are scalding. 
And our springs are swift.
 And if you think you will ever wear jeans between Memorial and Labor Day,
 you were clearly born Yankee. ;)
The only shorts I buy when I am not pregnant are those
 deliciously preppy Chino's from J.Crizz
 (again: quality over quantity - buy one pair every summer
 and they'll still look good in ten years)... 
well, perfect though they are in length, simplicity and color,
  they are not acommodatingly stretchy for a pregga butt. 
So! I'm looking for similar simplicity in cut and color 
in the maternity pairs I inevitably must buy.  
Here are the best I've found so far - though its only January
 and I am hoping there are more styles to come with the Spring collections :). 
I want a black & possibly a khaki pair like these two from Old Navy:

And I'm still shopping around for the perfect white short. I live in white shorts basically.
 So I need a good classic, basic pair
 (unfortunately O.N. doesn't carry the color right now!).

I'm not sold on this one, but it would work:

This particular pair may be a little too long... since I'm only 5'5, I like my shorts like I like my laundry piles. ;)

Last on the short list: 
 (I am self-admittedly the cheesiest person you will meet. 
Apologies in advance)

Every Carolina girl needs a good pair o' Daisy Dukes

I pair mine with slouchy, oversized tees even when I'm not pregnant, 
to balance the look out. 
And to ensure people don't assume I'm anxiously awaiting catcalls. 

Though, doesn't it make you kind of sick that the only really stylish maternity options for freakin' jean shorts 
are all above $49? Seriously. 

Lastly on the Basics List:

4) Leggings.

I bought this sweet pair online at Topshop, and have already given them a beating
 with no apparent consequences.
 They're made of thicker material than most leggings, 
making the $40 price tag totally worth it. 

If I'd be super-preggas during any of the cooler months 
(Spring makes its appearance right around March 1 down here),
 I'd also invest in a *real* pair of maternity skinny jeans

I lust after these J.Brands. Man oh man.

Gorgeous, right?!

However, since I need shorts way more than jeans, 
and I know from experience that my legs will need
 lots of oxygen Spring/Summer (can only imagine how bad it'll be preggas!)... 
I'll have to keep dreamin' for now.
 (But word to the wise: you can get them cheaper from the J Brand website than from
 A Pea in the Pod. Piperlime too, though they don't offer too many options for color.)

That's it! That is everything on my Must-Buy-Maternity List
I'm hoping I don't have to add to it, but if I find that I do, I will be sure to let y'all know! 
The only potential issue that I see right now is finding dressier options...
 a girl cannot live on jersey maxidresses alone... 
but we'll have to figure that out by experiment.. 
If I get desperate, I can just do the cheap ones from ASOS that will definitely look good for this pregnancy
 and won't break the bank!

Until next week!

ps. did you miss the intro. video? see it here


  1. Great tips for mammas-to-be to still look fabulous!!

  2. thanks so much for sharing!! i finally bought my first pair of maternity leggings last night and can't wait to wear them. i've been stretching into my larger-sized pre-pregnancy ones and i know i am gonna love the feel of the new ones! :)
    you had so many great tips!

    1. oh yeah, preggas leggings are really the last word in leggings ;)
      glad you found this somewhat helpful! good luck building your own wardrobe!


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