a night at neimans

Mar 18, 2013

what I wore: Milly dress- thanks to Summerbird consignment(!) // Balenciaga red pumps- also Summerbird // JCPenny bangles- similar // Macy's TH satchel 

The night actually seemed doomed from the start. HA. Here's the story...
I forgot to RSVP...aaaand then I forgot to leave the car-seat for husband so that he could get Moo home from his sister's after he got off of work. Aaaahhh. So FUN.
I made it though!...frazzled and barely able to walk in my 4 in. heels (seriously, how do women do it all day??).  Woo! Kallah came along as my HOT plus 1 (MaternityShmernity post coming Thurs)

So...let me give you the low-down on Neiman's latest launch and the whole reason we were there- Cusp.
Basically, it's the new contemporary concept by Neiman Marcus. It's aim is to hand deliver the latest must-haves from leading designers, plus the best up-and-coming names-- Rachel Zoe, Joie, Alice + Olivia etc. The section is suuuuper hip and can definitely satisfy that get-it-before-anyone-else craving. 
Oh yes, it's definitely still high-priced. It's Neiman's. So...it's high-end and therefore worthy of the price tag. 
I just probably won't be doing the get-it-before-anyone-else thing. lol. ;)

What a stylish event to be invited to!- all thanks to Scoop Charlotte sponsoring. Through blogging here and contributing for Scoop CLT I have been pushed to stretch myself more and more, explore outside of my comfort zone and further my love for fashion- all while happily mothering my toddler. It has been awesome, friends. I am so thankful for all of the blogging blessings in my life!

Get a closer look at Cusp right here


  1. You look gorgeous! I love the red shoes, and I'm glad you made it through the night. Brian and I make that care seat mistake ALL THE TIME. You think we would learn.

  2. so glad you had a wonderful night!! you and kallah are beautiful! i LOVE the dress and red shoes!! you look like a million bucks!
    and don't look frazzled one bit. :)
    have a sweet one!

  3. Oh my gosh so jealousss I want to go to a fashion show...anywhere!! You look beautiful :))


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