Runway to Real Life: Burberry S/S 13

Mar 20, 2013


I received great feedback with the last 'Runway to Real Life' post, so I figured I'd give it another go!
I've had this image on my desktop for months now- Burberry, emerald green, other bold colors mixed in...what's not to love? Now, as much as I'd like to run my mom errands and chase Madeline around everywhere in a beautiful lace trench from's not very practical. At all. 

So for the sake of all of us mamas and middle class peeps...I simply switched out the $5,5000 trench for a much more affordable and realistic green dress. Makes a lot more sense to be throwing that on on any given day, eh? I think this outfit would be just the thing for a date night with the man, one of those random girl's nights out or even a Spring/Summer wedding. It's something a bit different because of all the bold colors put together. 
I liiiiike.

I hope you enjoyed this round. If not, maybe you'll like this one better.

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  1. love that dress! that shade of green is gorgeous.

  2. Love your translation of it for every day. That green actually looks good on most skin tones! :)

  3. only $5,500?! hahaha!
    i love your finds! green red and blue look fabulous together!!
    i hope you're having a wonderful hump day, pretty lady!

  4. YOu have a great eye in taking it from runway to real life! Let's keep in touch, follow me at:


  5. The green dress is so sweet & I'm loving the shades too! Great job on creating an accessible look!


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