Accessorize me / DIY: rings for spring

Mar 13, 2013

This Spring accessory DIY literally has 1 step. Okay, maybe 2. Still.
Easy peazy puddin' n pie. 
 ...& here goes that broken record of mine...
There is nothing I love more than a simple, totally do-able DIY. 

the supplies:
assortment of brads
Tacky glue 
-all found at Hobby Lobby-

the how-to: 
1. remove the backings on the brads (I twisted them off)
2. glue them to your rings + allow them to dry

Simple. Cute. Do-able. 
The flower rings are a bit like Oscar de la Renta's Spring accessories. 
Kind of. ;)

ps. take a peak at what I'll be wearing tomorrow night for a Neiman's launch party...right here.
I've never been to an event at Neimans so I may be a bit anxious about my outfit. errrrrr. eehhhhhh. 


  1. I love the blues in these!! They are so simple and sweet. Great idea!

  2. Cutest idea ever! I used to be a girl guide leader, and if I ever am again, we are doing this!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  3. these are awesome! you could totally sell them in your shop!!
    i love them! <3<3<3

  4. DIY rings wow, what a great idea. Thanks for the share.


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