Isabella Oliver for a Night at Neiman's

Mar 21, 2013

When I started this series, 
I thought it would be all about the non-maternity stuff. 
And it still is! 
I am finding lots of ways to shop confidently 
around the bump
without the tags.
But you know what I realized?
When you take this approach,
when you realize you don't have to have that "maternity" tag on all your clothes,
you are suddenly free to buy the few maternity clothes that you do get
at a much higher quality and style.
This Isabella Oliver dress is an excellent example of a prudent, simple maternity staple piece.
I will have this in my closet for years.

Not to mention... sexy?! 

Y'all - this never happens to me. I neverevereverever look at pictures and think, 
wow I looked so beautiful! 

But this dress gave me such an instant boost of confidence... made me truly feel like my self-professed idol for this pregnancy, Sofia herself
I guess that only helped "the glow" do its thang!

I have never gotten so many compliments. Seriously. Here I was at Neiman Freaking Marcus, wearing Target earrings and pumps I bought on super clearance at Nordstrom Rack for $7 (I kid you not)... and ladies wearing $3000 outfits were stopping me to tell me I looked awesome.

That feels good even not pregnant...but when you are preggas? I had to fight back tears of joy.

Also - I had never liked the ruched style on myself before. I realized when I got this dress that you can't do ruched on the cheap. The difference of a high-quality (thick and double-layered) jersey fabric, combined with the attention to details such as the perfect length and shape (just right to make you feel sexy but not hoochie lol) - are worth every last penny. Especially if you are self-conscious like me

Don't buy maternity everything. Do buy a few things maternity that you love. That you will want to whip out, pregnancy after pregnancy 
(what? maybe I am having so much fun this pregnancy, I hope to have lotsa bebe's!). 
That you will look back at pictures of and think, "Wow! I love that!"

Isabella Oliver Ruched Maternity Tank Dress
Jessica Simpson Moto Jacket
Jcrew Necklace
Target Earrings (similar)
Marco Santi (sold by Sole Society) platform pumps (similar)
*this post has been graciously sponsored by Isabella Oliver; all of the opinions expressed are my very own! 



  1. that dress is so gorgeous! she looks so stunning.

  2. thank you so much, Rhiannon! it was so much fun to wear!

  3. I agree. You, my dear, rocked that outfit. And I am jealous. I'm 20-ish weeks pregga and haven't left yoga pants since I started showing.

  4. you look amazing, kallah! that dress is sexy and classy at the same time. <3

  5. Where's the sign-up for you to model? Seriously, you look Amazing!!

  6. @Margaret, Christy, Sandy and Maria -
    y'all made my week! Thank you!!!

    Sandy - the yoga pants are tempting, and soooo addicting ;)

  7. I love the dress even more with the jacket!! So cute!!


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