Who will be Wallis' 1st US blogger Ambassador?

Mar 27, 2013

Will it be meeee? Will eeeet?

Wallis has teamed up with a lovely group of bloggers in a search for their first official US blogger ambassador- I'm one of the lucky bloggers! *dance party* So excited about this!

If you could take a moment to hop on over to the Wallis Facebook page and drop a vote for me, I will think you're even more awesome than I already do. Suriously. Trying not to beg here ;). 
*you will have to 'like' their page, scroll down to the contest image/link and then accept the "Offerpop" thing-a-ma-jig in order to continue and vote*

Sooo...why do I think I'd be a great fit as the US blogger ambassador for Wallis?
I'm a real woman. I'm a young mama...just simply trying to keep it chic through all of life's changes. I want and need realistic options when it comes to clothes- things I can actually afford and wear in my busy day-to-day life. I want it to be stylin' though! Wallis' selection fits the bill. 
That's why I agreed to sign-on for this competition. I'd love to represent the brand!
Not to mention, being able to head over to London and pop in on the fam there would be FAB-oooo. :)

*you can vote every 24 hrs*

Btw, every time you have voted for me in the past for things...you have gotten me places. Every time. You're freekin' awesome, yo. 


  1. congratulations, camille!
    just voted for ya! i will pop on back and keep voting. lots and lots of luck. <3<3

  2. I voted! I'll keep my fingers crossed, sounds like an awesome opportunity :)


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