bag me / DIY: straw contrast tote

Mar 28, 2013

Maybe you caught my Target place-mat clutch DIY last year? I had so much fun with it that I wanted to try out another handbag made from budget-friendly things I found at Tarjaay. 

what you will need:
straw handbag // I found mine in the $3 bins at Target!
craft spray paint // small bottles found at Hobby Lobby
clear acrylic spray // Hobby Lobby
painter's tape

the how-to:
1. tape off all of the areas you do not want to spray paint up
2. paint that thaaang + allow it to try
3. now spray it with the clear acrylic + let it dry again (for a good while)
4. love it, tote it around, show it off...yada yada. :)

I'll be toting one of these babes to Easter mass...Moo has a straw hat. Yeh. We're so ready for this resurrection. 

I shortened the handles for the white one. 
I love the look of a short tote...and this was a very easy way to make it happen. 

* additional steps for shortening the handles:
1) un-stitch one side of each handle- you'll be left w/ a hole where the handle was
2) slide the handle back into the hole + push it in further than it was originally- until the handle is as small as you like
3) glue it in place + let it dry 


ps. I am in the running to become the 1st US blogger ambassador for Wallis!! very. cool. 
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  1. so cute! what a great idea!

  2. Such a great idea! I love the way they turned out :)

  3. Where is the dress from? It is quite lovely!

  4. ahh, i LOVE the tote and dress!! they look amazing together! so talented! xoxo


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