Moo's 2's. Happy Birthday, girl.

Apr 17, 2013

Oh, Maddie Moo. I am getting choked up looking at these pictures and typing this right now. Look at you. Look at how big you've gotten! You started as a teeny little spitfire, loudly making us aware of your little existence in this world...and're still a little spitfire ;), still loudly making us aware that you're here, you're two. TWO. Time is flying...and I kind of want to slow it down. 

There were times I didn't know if me and your da-da would make it through your newborn days, but of course we did. You definitely had a special way of snapping us into parenthood, quickly pushing/shoving us to adapt and grow. We learned to love stronger and deeper than we ever have before because of you. You are our miracle, our baby girl...our first born. Forever and always. 

We love you so much, Madeline. You made me a mama...and gosh, I am so happy that it was you that did. :) You might read this when you're older and think, "my mom's the coolest. She was a blogger. WOW. I want to stay home and cuddle with her all day" (ha)...or you'll say, in true Moo fashion, "Yeh...ok, mom. you love me. I know. Can I have the car keys now?". Yeh, that second line is more probable. ;)

LOVE ya, girl. Happy 2nd year of being the 

Mama & Da-Da

Oh. & ps...we're going to start potty training'd be cool if you took it easy on us. Yeh? Cool. 

See Moo's 1st birthday video tribute here :). 


  1. Happy Birthday Maddie! My boys are turning 2 as well :) They grow up so fast...way too fast! Have a good day.


  2. She was so tiny! And still so cute!

    Happy birthday =)


  3. happy birthday to sweet moo! ohmygosh, that second photo makes me cry! so beautiful! xoxox


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