What to wear to that wedding.

Apr 18, 2013

Something fun, unique...epic.

It's easy to walk into say J.Crew or Ann Taylor and find something wedding-worthy, but that tends to mean  super classic styles, every-one's-wearing-it and dare I say "safe"? You want to look hot, but not too hot (no white, bold red, high slits, short skirts, yada yada). No one can outshine the bride! It's one of those unspoken rules that you just follow. 

Still...while you definitely don't want to waltz in looking like a hoochy mama to your best friend from high school's wedding...you should take the opp to make a major style statement.

I put together a few trendy, fun wedding outfit ideas that maybe you hadn't thought of.Wait! Get ready for it.... It's going to blow your J.Crew relaxed chinos off. Yeh, I said it. 

image via. 

This outfit has outdoor wedding written all over it. It's comfortable enough for the great outdoors, yet still dressy because of the maxi style + heels- the only thing I'd change in order for it to be more wedding appropriate is the top...go for a more structured one. If it's more of a backyard type setting, simply switch those heels out with dressy flats!

back zip tee, LOFT
pleated maxi, Piperlime
high heel silver sandal w/ ankle strap (very similar to pic), Zara
silver flats, Enzo Angiolini

image via.

Emulating Kate Middleton is never a bad idea...& yes, this look is in fact via J.Crew. What? Ha-ha. So...it's pretty much impossible to escape from the JCrizz (Kallah, I stole your word)! No, but really gals..I wanted to show how it can be taken from plain classic to cool - just by adding the bauble and metallic shoes. 

BaubleBar mint ray bib
J.Crew vintage striped tee
River Island floral pencil skirt
ASOS Hometown heal

Ok- I am excited about this one. If you dare to wear a smashing one-piece jumpsuit to a wedding...I'll fly to wherever you live, make you a cake and sing you a song. Not even joking. This little number would be spot on for an evening wedding...a bit more formal. If you just can't bring yourself to do the whole one-piece thing, here's a black maxi that will have the same type of effect (be careful- it's got a bit of a slit;)...ooorrr if you've got those lovely lady lumps, called curves...here is a nice option as well. Whichever one you choose,  adding a neon clutch is a definite yes. 

ASOS pleat bust jumpsuit
ASOS Hollywood heeled sandals
ZARA neon box clutch

& that's that. My master plan was to put together more ideas for you, but HA. We are going on a wedding road trip tomorrow a.m., I'm no where near done packing, ice cream with the husband is calling...and I am le tired. So le tired. 

I'd still love to hear if you'd like to see different types of wedding outfits put together and I will make it happen asap :). 

Happy weekend!


  1. Great tips!! This summer is fully of weddings and I want to try some of these ideas!

  2. Love them all, but especially Kate Middleton inspired looks ;) I adore her...but love the added "oomph"



  3. love all these looks...i LOVE that outdoor wedding one! long skirts are so pretty (and comfy)!

    i love that you said "hoochy mama" hahaha we used to always use that term in hs! :)

    have a wonderful weekend, xoxo

  4. The Kate Middleton look is beautiful and comfy. (Can't wait for her little one to arrive.) Loved the flats also. A friend is getting married next month, so thanks for the perfect tips.

  5. I love how original all of these are! While I wouldn't dare to try the jumpsuit, I'd definitely do the other too.


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