Accessorize Me / DIY: Spiked Bead Necklace

May 22, 2013

It's been a while since my last DIY on here. I have been learning through blogging and diy-ing that quality is definitely better than quantity. I used to just crank stuff out to crank it out,'s not fun and made me feel totally uninspired. My plan now is to only create when I am in love with an idea and am so excited about it that I can't wait to share it with all of you! Sound like a plan?

Anywhooo. Let's do this...

1 ft. of chain (or enough to go around your neck) - I chose a thicker chain
1 lobster clasp + 4 jump rings - 3 medium and 1 large
jewelry wire 
long + colorful spiked beads - you'll find some here and here

* I found all of my supplies at On a String Bead shop here in Charlotte, NC. If you live around here...I'd look there. Lovely place- chock full of any bead or chain your heart desires. 

1. ok, mom moment there. #1 is actually just the supplies you'll need. heh.
2. string beads onto jewelry wire in the order you'd like them to be
3. cut off any excess wire and loop the ends
4. attach one jump ring to each loop
5. separate the chain into two equal parts and attach the two remaining jump rings + lobster clasp
6. attach both chains to the other jump rings (the ones attached to the bead part)...did I mention I am awful at explaining? 

& it's completed! Ready to wear. :)

*did you win the Joules giveaway?  


  1. Really like this DIY, Cams

  2. love it! the colors are perfect together, and it's just big enough to pop on any simple top.

  3. I am loving this DIY! Such beautiful colors and it looks pretty simple to create!


  4. Thank you for sharing my shop link. Yes I still have these beads in stock if anyone interested to buy them.

  5. This is a super beautiful, simple idea.
    I like how stunning it looks on and the colors you chose. Even though I am not crafty I saw this post some days ago and today finally decided to go to Michaels :)

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  6. Thank you so much for featuring On A String! Your necklace is FAB!!! -The Bead Girls

  7. What are the specifics on the wire that you used? Mainly wondering what gage to use.


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