styling for flight (with a toddler).

May 29, 2013


Comfort. Comfort. Comfort

I used to treat a flight as a chance to wear my best, the aisle being my runway or something...ha-ha. Not joking. I remember being 18 or so, on my way to England...wearing tight jeans, a blazer and pumps. It's a 9+ hour flight. What the h was I thinking? You'd never catch me doing that now. While I still like to look stylish and put together, I am happy to ditch anything (anything) that may be uncomfortable. The reason being... ...Toddler. 

Moo is constantly moving, talking, eating and causing a scene...or at least some type of cute spectacle. ;) Not that I don't love my little circus monkey and her antics! I am just getting smarter about what I will wear for a  flight where she will be carrying on with her toddler ways. 

So, Mads & I are getting ready to head back to my hometown to the visit the fam for a week (eek!). Here's my outfit for our flight, ladies. This mama is not ashamed with how comfy and simple this get-up is...
floral tee | maxi skirt | bag | fedora | accessories | jacks

Over-sized tee and stretchy maxi skirt. Check. Bag big enough for the babe's things and yours...also check. Minimal jewelry. Check. Cute fedora to top it all off...check, check & check. 

Yeh, I wore cute shoes on my last flight with Moo. There's that whole having to take off your shoes in order to get through security thing. Forget that! Sandals all the way now. Trying to take off your shoes and hang on to your babe and bag simultaneously can be such a circus...ain't nobody got TIME FOR THAT. Sandals...check. 

I found some other comfy flight outfit ideas for you on Pinterest....
silky long shorts + tee | slouchy top + flats | long flowy skirt + tee | tank, white denim + sandals

...& there you go. You don't have to sacrifice style while flying with a babe. Just remember that comfort is key! :)

Btw, you can follow along with our flight & trip via instagram @lifeinmod. It's going to be good. lol. 

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  1. Have fun! Maybe I'll run into you around town!

  2. Love the outfit, looks very cool, stylish yet comfy. I used to use long flights as an excuse to wear my Juicy Couture sweats. But now, with kids, my staples are pockets pockets pockets!

  3. LOVE this outfit! We are flying with our 1 year old next week too and I'm planning out my comfy, nursing friendly flight outfit too. That skirt is fabulous. Have a great trip!

  4. Haha, I remind me of me. I also would fly with high heels and run around airports like I was on sneakers (I would feel it at the end of the day, though).
    This is such a smart idea, nice and comfy.... yes, time changes many things. We get smarter.
    How exciting to go away for some days, have fun.

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  5. this is way cuter than what i normally wear on a flight! in 2 months i'll be on a 15 hour flight with a baby, will definitely come back to this post!


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