A day in Mayberry.

Jun 17, 2013

We spent our Saturday in Mt. Airy, or a.k.a. Mayberry, with the husband's fam- Andy Griffith show anyone? It's the town the show's location was based off of. Cute place!...complete with a real soda bar, vintage-y cars, old movie theater, candy shop and mas. It was quite a day. Moo had two lollipops and no nap. Ha! Surprisingly there was no sugar crash breakdown. ;)

How was your weekend, lovey? 

Old Navy chambray shirt dress
Target sandals
Target arm party
Nordstrom Rack sunnies


  1. looks like a town from another age! loving your outfit btw - the chambray dress is incredible!

  2. Gorgeous day! Love the dress on you...looks so comfy! Xoxox

  3. That place looks so cool! I LOVE little towns like that.

    I wrote about my nice weekend on my blog too. :)

    The Brayn of Chalayn


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