DIY: 3 tier cross necklace

Jun 19, 2013

Layered necklaces are a thing right now- big, small...colorful or simple. Soo here you go! This is one I came up with for ya. Instead of having to find and layer three different necklaces, you can just throw this one on and BAM. Layered

3 beads - any color, shape or size || I found mine at On a String Bead Shop here in Charlotte
chain - a good amount...don't know exactly what that means, but you need enough for three ;) ha. 
1 lobster clasp
3 lengths of jewelry wire...can't remember what they are really called. eehh. I am on a roll.
5 jump rings

1. string the beads onto the jewelry wire and loop the ends
2. separate your chain into three graduating parts- I literally wrapped them around my neck to measure it out
--> forgot a step!! 2b. string one bead onto each chain 
3.  attach the chain ends onto the jump rings
4. attach the lobster clasp

.....& wear!

I'm thinking simple v-neck tee with cut-off shorts next. 



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