baby bump: week 14

Jul 11, 2013

That bump, that bump...that lovely baby bump. Check it outtt. 

I'm going to start doing these bump pics every few weeks in order to put them all together at the very end- I love it when I see other mama's pregnancy journeys! 

The lighting wasn't cooperating at all with me this time (bleh), but maybe next time it will be a bit brighter and not so flashy (tips welcome!). I blame the non-stop rainy weather we've been having! grrr.

I want more Chick-fil-a. 


  1. Congrats again!! Can't wait to see how you style your pregnancy!

  2. so adorable!!

  3. this made me :) :) :)
    i couldn't be happier for you, camille!! yay!! <3
    your message to baby is so sweet. you are a beautiful mama and i can't wait to follow your new journey! sending so much love xoxox

  4. Congratulations! Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could be introduced to yours. I look forward to following along! PS...from a girl who just decided a breakfast burrito was the perfect lunch solution, I have no issue with early morning lunch runs.

    1. girl, I'm fighting the urge to head back to chick-fil-a right now...haha. Thanks for popping in! :)

  5. I actually like the lighting, it is dramatic.


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