thredUP used clothing challenge | outfit #3

Jul 17, 2013

Here is my ThredUP outfit #3!
If you've been following along since Monday, you know all about the awesomeness that is ThredUP and the used clothing challenge I have taken on with them this week. If you missed it, you can get caught up here & here
This was right after Moo locked herself in her room (for the 3rd time...I don't learn, apparently). She was crying on one side of the door, me on the was a lovely scene. ha. DaDa came to the rescue (for the 2nd time). After that we decided it was about time to go and get anti-lock knobby things. They didn't have the ones we needed, so now I have resorted to covering our door locks with blue tape. Classy
Oh, toddler times. Always keeps things lively :). 
RL Jeans co. | c/o thredUP
Gap tank | c/o thredUP
Banana Republic shorts | c/o thredUP
Nine West pumps | c/o thredUP


  1. Been there! Had to call the hubby home from work one day last year because my oldest had locked himself in the bathroom and I couldn't get it open. We literally had to break down the door...whoops! Memories, right??

  2. Your top knot is killer:) Love what you are doing with these pieces! Such a fun and easy look.
    And btw, CONGRATS on the pregnancy!! I had a feeling it was coming soon;) So happy for you all!!

  3. this outfit is AWESOME! you are one hot mama!! :)


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