thredUP used clothing challenge | outfit #4

Jul 18, 2013

ThredUP outfit #4 is here! 
If you've been following along since Monday, you know all about the awesomeness that is ThredUP and the used clothing challenge I have taken on with them this week. If you missed it, you can get caught up here, here & here
Last night we went to this homemade ice cream parlor about 5 min. from our house...delish does not even begin to describe how good it was (it was Moo & I's first time).
Mads got covered...and I do mean ceam ceam. At first I tried to clean-up as she went, but then ended up giving up on her. She was too far gone. ;)
Oh yum. 

J.Crew dotted tee | c/o thredUP
Gap Original Fit denim | Gap
Chucks | E-bay
red lip | Revlon Just Bitten - Target


  1. Loving the crisp white converse, such a shame they don't stay looking like that x

    Girl About Chelts

    1. I agree. I was thinking that the other day...definitely will be dirty before I know it...especially with a toddler. ;) Cheers.

  2. adorable photos!!

  3. you two are TOO cute!! love these shots!! xoxox

  4. So cute! Do you mind telling me how you put up your hair in the top knot? Our hair textures seem similar and I would love to try it, it looks amazing!

    1. Hi! You know what...I never really thought about my technique, b/c I consider it a messy bun...just thrown up with a hair band. I really just take a hair band, grab all of my hair into a pony tail and then pull the tail through the hair band. After that I use a bobby pin or two to tame the random strays and keep it all in place.

      :) Hope that helps!


  5. So cute how the ice cream is just all down her shorts & front!

    p.s love the converse


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