Welcome to the new LIFE IN MOD!

Jul 23, 2013

Yay! Woo-hoo! *little dance*

It's here- the new & improved Life in Mod design. Like?

Bobbi of Ready to Blog and I have been working on all of this for the past couple of months- I applaud her for putting up with me this time. I probably e-mailed her at least 10x time/day. My thought process is very sporadic which is... ...cool. It means when I think about something, I have to e-mail about it right away before I forget. Yep, so...you can imagine how that all goes for the one on the receiving end. Fun!

Well, even with all of the crazy back-and-forth she obviously pulled off another good one. I am in love. Yet again. 

LiM has actually gotten a new look 3x so far...

I can't help it. Honestly. I'm a design lover, so the visual aspect is big. The whole process just excites me! I've also learned that with blogging it's important to keep things fresh, clean looking and up-to-date. Sooo with every new look, my hope is that I am making this place more and more reader-friendly for you. 

So...what's new around here? 

Oooo...let me tell you. There are now drop-down menus with categories which make it easy for you to discover all that can be found on LiM. Also, now you can now get a glimpse at all of the LiM Pinterest goodness going on (right sidebar). Last, but not least...if you have any styling questions you can directly send them to me by clicking on the "Have Styling Qs" icon! I think that may actually be one of my favorite new additions. 

This is too exciting! Thank you for being such wonderful supporters to me and to the blog. You really make all of this more worth it. :)

Again...welcome, welcome! Make yourself at home. 

ps. If you'd like to see new kinds of posts on Life in Mod, please send me any ideas you might have. I love doing posts off of reader's feedback & questions. 

pps. *AMAZING launch giveaway starting tomorrow. Hint? Found in the pictures above ;). It's a good one*


  1. I love the new look! It's my favorite one you've had yet!

  2. love the new update!


  3. Oh Cams, this is lovely!
    I love the fresh look and the pink details! Also great you stayed true to your minty mint self, haha :)

    Well done Bobbi!

    Cheers, Martie

    P.S. Oh you wanted to tell me how you changed your blog to it´s own domain?! Relaunching my blog soon too. EEks

  4. I love the new look! You really took it up a notch and things are looking wonderful! And may I just say that certainly includes you, you pretty mam you :) Look forward to seeing/reading more.

  5. Oh it looks awesome! You've given me the itch to change my design again... :) I think this'll be the 100th time...so fun. No?


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