Why I Blog.

Jul 25, 2013

I've thought about this question many, many times. 

Why do I blog? 

With the launch of the new design this week, I decided it was time to really share with you readers why it is that I do what I do here. ...b/c you so want to know. I know. 

I really just like prancing around in front of the camera with my toddler running around me, getting into things...and then posting pictures for others to gawk at. Totally. 

Noooope. When it comes to outfit posts...my sole wish is that I will inspire other women. It is so easy to give up on style as we go through the many changes life brings (physical changes, babies, tough economic hardships, etc). Trust me. I know. I've been there before as a new mom. I felt over-tired, out of it and uninspired. I would literally stand in front of my closet and cry. It was depressing. All I wanted was to feel like myself again, to feel beautiful for my husband and to embrace every second with my new little baby, but...I found I was just drowning in it all instead of flourishing. 

Through blogging I was able to prove to myself that it is possible to look and feel good, takes only a little bit of effort, doesn't have to break a budget...and can make you feel so much better. Now my aim is to help other ladies get out of style ruts...or simply just find an outfit to wear this weekend ;).

side note: I am actually not a real fan of outfit shoots in public...makes me feel silly...like I'm putting myself on display. Most of the time I just pretend I'm doing family pictures with Moo. haha. 

So. How did it all begin? What made me make the jump and start this blog? A lot of work, people. A real business plan. 

Ha! No. Mads was about 2 months old and had just gone down for one of those mama-saving marathon naps, so I sat down at my computer to check Facebook (one of my few social outlets at the time) and then...I just started thinking. I need to do something, Cams (this is me talking to myself, btw)- something constructive that will propel me forward in some way. I know! Start a blog. DO it. I popped onto Blogger, set-up an account and bam...Life in Mod was born. I didn't know what I was doing or what I would even do with it, but I had a blog and it was all mine. For the first time in a couple of months, I felt like a bit of myself was coming back to me. It was awesome. 

Now I'm totally rocking this blog and making tons of money. 

Nope to all of that. It's still a lot of work to keep up with and while I do consider this place my little stay-at-home business, it doesn't pay all of the bills. My husband can definitely confirm that for you ;). I do make a bit, which is totally cool, but what this place is really all about to me is being able to share creativity, style and mom experiences with others. Getting paid is one thing, but getting an e-mail or comment from a reader that tells me how much they appreciate what they just read or how much it helped & inspired them to put together an outfit...that's what really gets me. Stuff like that is what makes all of this worth it. 

Life in Mod has been such a blessing to me these last couple of years. I just want to pass on some of that goodness to others that visit here. 

That's why I blog. 

FYI, here's one of my very first posts. Funny seeing it now. 


  1. Awesome! So glad you shared =) I started blogging to keep far away friends and family updated with my first pregnancy...and it just keeps growing. The blogging community is really great! And I'm so glad to find good people, like you =)


  2. so great! thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks for sharing! I just recently discovered your blog after your post in Aint No Mama Jeans. So glad I found you & yes, thanks for the inspiration. You prove that even someone that is totally not a fashionista can pull off a nice outfit with a little bit more effort.

  4. Well thank you for sharing ! I am glad you started a blog. I hope you keep it up..I love stopping in and asking questions:)Now I can't wait to follow you through pregnancy!

  5. i loved this, camille! you rock. i love all that you share. and it's so true...blogging is such an amazing outlet to be YOU. so glad i "found" your blog and now know YOU. <3<3
    love the photo of you and moo! beautiful ladies!


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