Gone beaching.

Jul 29, 2013

Soooo I'll leave you with some of last Summer's beach posts...(when my hair was 20 shades lighter, I was nursing-ridic-skinny & apparently someone needed to tell me to lighten up and not look so serious...)


Woohooooo! We're at the beach this week! I have literally been excited about this trip since the second plans were made. Aaaahhh...if I could be pick anywhere to be I would  choose the beach. Every. single. time. If Matt said let's move to the beach tomorrow I'd say, "DONE". It's heaven to me.

Maybe it's the annual beach trip my big fam would go on- we'd spend hours, really all day, on the beach. We'd eat sandy subs, chips & drink soda from the cooler...swim, body board and get burnt to a crisp. It was awesome

My love for the sand, shore and sea has not wavered over the years. Not one little bit.

That being said, I now get to share it all with Madeline (it's her first real beach vacay), so I will be going...off to enjoy every second! 8-) 


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