baby bump: week 18

Aug 8, 2013

Week 18? Whaaa? OK, someone tell me how that happened. I'm almost half way there with this babe. My pregnancy with Moo seemed to draaaaag on and on. At 20 weeks I was like, "phew. Half way there. Finally". Not this time. I'm almost hoping it slows down a little! Of course, I want to meet our second child and all (it's very exciting!), but I do know the changes he/she will bring...and honestly, I'm not ready for them yet. It might sound terrible, but it's the truth. 

I need this time. I just want to soak up every second with my little fam...and also enjoy this pregnancy. I may also be holding onto being able to sleep all night, nap pretty frequently and have some time to myself here and there. Yeh, I totally am. Ha-ha. 

The bump is getting on!...definitely see a bit of growth from week 14. Cray. 


  1. It's because you don't have the time to count the weeks like the first time! :)
    You are looking gorgeous, and I bet he is a little boy. I was certain I was having a girl and then a boy, and I was right both times. I trust intuition.

  2. Oh my goodness you're so tiny I'm jealous.


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