It's a...

Aug 10, 2013

Yep, there's a little guy in there. :)

Excitement doesn't even begin to describe how i'm feeling about this. I knew it was a boy!! I was secretly hoping for it too. I won't lie. 

I guess we're in for an adventure though. I've heard boys are quite different from girlies. I mean, for starters they have pee pees...and do I even handle that?? haha. Anyyyyways. I'm sure we'll figure it all out.

Husband was given the big job to name his first born son- he already has the name, actually. On it. He came home from work last night, beaming with pride over the fact that he had the name. I won't let it out yet...just because. I'd like to wait a bit to let out our boy's "solid, manly name", as my husband put it. ;)

Aaaahhh. I love this little man so much already. 


  1. Yeah buddy! Congrats again! I feel the same as you! If we're baking a boy, I'm going to have NO CLUE!!

  2. i'm so happy for you!! ahhh, a little boy! you are blessed. <3

  3. So exciting! Congrats, another beautiful addition to your family <3

    Colour Me Classic

  4. Yay! So very excited for you and your family!!

  5. Congratulations! I have boy/girls twins and my biggest tip for dealing with the boy at changings - have a stack of baby wash cloths at your changing station and as soon as you take the diaper off cover it up with the washcloth - they do pee quite frequently at changes when they are little but after about 4 months we stopped using them because he didn't react to the air as much and it wasn't an issue, but washcloths are cheap and easy to throw in the wash and most importantly absorb the pee unlike those stupid pee tent things baby stores sell

    1. Aaah, yes. I remember my brothers peeing everywhere at changing time! Haha. Thank you for that awesome tip- will have to remember. :) Cheers.


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