Beach with a Bump

Aug 15, 2013

I'm always more than happy to have stylin' contributors on Life in Mod (especially when the Moo has been sick with her first stomach flu the past few days -ew- and I have been MIA!). Today I'm welcoming the lovely Laura of A Little Bit of Lacquer. She's sharing how to rock it at the beach with a baby bump...and goodness does she rock it. :)


For many women, the idea of heading to the beach 20 pounds heavier is a terrifying idea, but for us mamas-to-be, it should be a cause for celebration! With so many styles to choose from, embracing your beautiful baby bump under the sun has never been easier. Here are a few tips for picking the right beach wear for your bump.

- Know your comfort level. I'm all about showing off the bump in a bikini, but if you've never been one to wear a bikini even before baby, don't feel pressured to start now. Instead, opt for cute one pieces made for a bump (side ruching does wonders!) and with fun details like a bow (I've been obsessed with my Asos one piece

- Support where you need it. Most women's cup sizes increase dramatically during pregnancy - opting for a supportive top will prevent the girls from looking a little sloppy. A strong halter with thick ties or even a bra top with underwires will be your best friend! (This molded cup in a non-maternity bikini from target would provide plenty of support

- For a cover up, I love using a fun light shirt (chambray is perfect) to show off the belly and prevent the oversized T-shirt look. If you don't want to show off the belly make sure to still accentuate it by picking a breezy coverup with a tie waist. (This one from JCPenney is one of my favorites

- Don't forget the SPF! Pregnant or not this is a must for being out in the sun to reduce the risk of sun-induced skin cancers, but being pregnant our skin is also more likely to develop hyperpigmentation (dark spots and splotches) that can be difficult to get rid of. So cover up with SPF, an actual cover-up, or in some shade! And make sure to stay hydrated for you and baby.

- Bring your confidence. Nothing is more beautiful than a pregnant woman, and as celebrities feel more and more confident baring their bumps, so should us normal moms! So get out there and be proud of the changes your body is going through!


  1. So cute! Especially love the pink suit. I went to the beach pregnant, but sported my then ultra-tight rashguard for sun protection, so my cute suit was pretty much hidden from view.

    1. Thank you Jelli! Nothing wrong with sun protection!

  2. Oh my goodness love your beach style! Love that pink one piece! I wish I would have had that when I was pregnant!

  3. So wish I was brave enough to rock a bikini while pregnant! But I won't even wear one when not pregnant ;)


    1. Nothing wrong with that Katie! I'm sure you're gorgeous in whatever you throw on to the beach!


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