Transitional Trends | Leather Biker Jacket (now)

Aug 19, 2013

Burgers. burgersss. BURGERS. It's what I've been craving, dreaming for recently. I wake up in the morning with juicy little burgers floating around in my mind. It's a leetle ridic. Well, on Friday Mads & I met up with da-da after work at Red Robin to make my preggo food dreams come true. It was sooo good and while I'd like to say it quenched my burger thirst, it did not. I'm actually thinking of burgers right now.

...but let's move on, shall we? This jacket. It has been on my "to get" list every time Fall rolls around for years now. It hasn't happened...until now, peeps. Until now. When I received it in the mail from lovely Wallis I may have hugged and kissed it (and danced around with it too?). I am a big fan of versatile and transitional clothing staples- ones that go the distance, my friends. This jacket does just that.

So! Listen up. I entered Wallis' NYFW contest. You may have seen me share it on Facebook? I could be sent to NYFW to represent Wallis which would be...awesome. I have been trying to get there for years now, so it would be a dream come true. After this baby boy comes around, I doubt I'll be able to get there for quite some time...this is the year! You can help me make it happen too.

Wallis asked me to share how I'd style their biker jacket two ways- now & later. This is how I'm wearing it now. I love a simple, classic that works for running around after a toddler, but still looks rockin'. I also really just love my chucks and will find any excuse to wear them. ;) Stay tuned to see how I'm planning on wearing it later, when the chill and the pumpkin spice lattes arrive...

You can vote for me here (every day, every hr). Let's get Life in Mod to Fashion Week this year! :)

Biker Jacket | c/o Wallis
v-neck tee | Marshalls
Madewell denim shorts | c/o thredUP
belt | Walmart
converse chuck taylors | e-bay 

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  1. Love white Converse! And leather jackets. Totally looking forward to fall :)



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