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Aug 22, 2013

albion fit breathe freely tank | don't look too closey at my tennies- they're about..oooh...10 years old

That last one was just for you...knew you'd appreciate my monkey face.

Let's get down to bidness. I'm usually a Pilates and power walk lover, but...not when I'm growing a babe inside of my bod. I don't believe in "staying in shape" during this time. I do think it's very important to stay healthy and keep moving though, but...working out to stay fit? Mmmm. No thanks. 

So how do I keep myself from becoming a total sloth? Ha. I go on walks with Mads and about once or twice a week (ok, just once) I complete a *Tracy Anderson: The Project Pregnancy work-out. Basically, I try to stay active without really exerting myself too much (haha...no, but really). I like this time of pregnancy to be a restful, peaceful period that I can slow down enough to soak up and enjoy. I'm incubating a baby, for goodness sake! I know that if I'm worrying about how much I did or didn't exercise in a  week...it would just end up being a source of anxiety for me, which definitely isn't very healthy.

Now, I totally admire those mamas-to-be that complete triathlons when they're 6 months pregnant or go to the gym every day until the day they deliver. I do. I really do. I am just not up for all of that, so I stick with my method...and it works for me :).

...& while I'm staying actively pregnante Albion Fit makes me feel comfy and cute. I came across their women's fitness and swimwear a few months ago- not sad about it at all. Their styles are not only comfortable and high-quality, but also super flattering....which is always a good thing when you're trying to work it...whether you're bumpin' or not. 

*FYI: they've so awesomely offered a giveaway...look out for it here tomorrow! 

So...how do you stay active? Do you work-out during pregnancy? 

*Awesome pregnancy work-out series. Tracy takes you month-by-month through your pregnancy. The work-outs are very dance-like and afterwards I always feel refreshed and stronger. I highly recommend it!

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  1. I walked a lot at the beginning, even through the nausea...but tiredness took over. So treadmill walks at the gym became short walks around the office, or a quick walk outside...but I'm glad I attempted to keep moving this whole pregnancy. It paid off. You're incredibly fit as it is! And these clothes are adorable. I love those ruffled leggings!



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