NYFW: bumped - maternity outfit

Sep 4, 2013

biker jacket | bootie | ruched tank dress | lariat pendant necklace | chevron ring + quartz shard ring

This is one outfit I would definitely be wearing if I was at NYFW this week- not only because I just so happen to have most of the items, but also because it's a chic way to style the bump. They say black is slimming, right? ;)

I was actually reeeeally hoping to make it there this Fall just so that I could challenge myself with the task of dressing for the most stylish event of the year while pregnant. Yes, I'll be honest...the whole idea was scary, because...uhhh...everyone looks so dayum good in NYC. How do you compete with all of the Olivia Palermos running around (especially with a baby bump)? Well, I was up for the challenge.

Maybe next year I'll be able to brave the sea of ridiculously well-dressed peeps. The bump may or may not be present though...

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